The JES Group of Institutions [JESGI] is a unique education conglomerate based in Bangalore, India that offers a wide range of courses from the Montessori / Kindergarten level to Post Graduate and PhD programs. Founded in 1972 to meet the needs of local students, JES currently comprises the Vivekananda Public School, Vivekananda  PU College, Vivekananda High School, Vivekananda Institute of Pharmacy, Vivekananda college of  Law, Vivekananda Institute of Management Studies, Vivekananda Institute of Technology, and the Vivekananda College for Education, Vivekananda college for women. Each of these institutions has carved a niche for itself and is rating highly within its segment.

At JESGI, we are continuously innovating on curriculum delivery, and strive to bring the best educational experience to the classroom. Our students benefit tremendously from the strong cross- competencies across the group. Placement opportunities abound since students have access to a vast network of faculty, educational infrastructure and various learning tools & resources. With over 44 years of experience in delivering academic excellence, JESGI is able to provide every student with a values-based, comprehensive, top-notch education.