Technical Services

Hi-Tech services

We Provide ICT based Education System

Technology based education is mandatory for every organizations, in which the students and faculty required technical tools for acquiring the right knowledge in right time for their research and studies.

So, we have implemented following technical concepts for the sake of our students,  faculty and parents to provide moral education.

Learning Management System

Learning Management System provides Virtual Class activities between the students and faculty.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum: It helps the students to clarify the  doubts  along with respective faculty through on line in 24/7.

School Management System

School Management System has implemented  to manage and maintain  the office & academic activities.

Digital Library

Institutional Repositories provides our own digital contents through online for the students and faculty.

Online catalogues (WEBOPAC)

WEBOPAC: We provide online library catalogue facilities to the students and faculty for accessing of Library books details.in 24/7.

Library Automation

We are providing online based library transaction facilities & services, It save the time of the users.

E-Resources Facilities

We have providing subscribed and open access e-resources to access  Books, Journals, Databases, etc.,

Library Blogs/Websites

We have uploaded separate library blogs or websites for the sake of students and staff to access the information on a finger tips..